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GPS Correction Options Help You Farm Smarter

Mistakes are a part of life. They happen every day regardless of your job or lifestyle. As a farmer, you likely have to develop solutions to correct mistakes all the time. But what if you had the technology to help make this process easier? Vantage Sierra Cascade offers GPS correction options for farmers in California, Oregon, and Nevada. These solutions help you identify and correct problems before they have a chance to affect your entire schedule or farming plan. We offer some of the best GPS correction options from the industry’s leading brands, helping you better manage your farm. Contact us today to learn more about the solutions we offer.

satellite in outerspace

Offering Advanced Products from Trimble®

Vantage Cascade Sierra offers some of the best farming technology available on the market today, including GPS correction products from Trimble®. We’ll help you determine which option will work best for your operation by evaluating your current methods and machinery. We offer all of the following Trimble® products:

Trimble® XFill

This system is powered by the Trimble® RTX technology, offering seamless centimeter-level back-up corrections. It provides corrections via RTK or VRS signal, but can also do so via satellite if either of these signals is interrupted.


This technology is a great solution when spraying, spreading, or cultivating the soil. It offers a range of correction services from <10 centimeters up to 1 meter, which are delivered via satellite or cellular.

Range Point

This Trimble® product is perfect for broadacre applications, offering affordable mid-accuracy correction service. It provides <15 centimeters (or 6 inches), pass-to-pass positioning via satellite.

Center Point VRS

This advanced system offers instant access to RTK-level corrections within a fixed network of reference stations. This Trimble® product is ideal for drainage, drip irrigation, and land leveling projects.

Center Point RTX

The high accuracy of the Center Point RTX is perfect for planting/seeding, spraying, and strip-tilling. It offers one of the highest levels of accuracy with <2.5 centimeters (or 1 inch) correction service that is delivered via satellite.

Local RTK Network

Vantage Sierra Cascade offers our California customers a local RTK network of privately-owned radio towers. This provides you with more reliability, more coverages, and more accuracy than traditional single-base networks. Farmers who use this service can reduce their hardware costs while still achieving the same level of accuracy or better in their surveying and mapping applications. This satellite navigation technique can be used to enhance the precision of position data derived from any satellite-based positioning systems, including global navigation satellite systems (GNSS), such as GPS, GLONASS, Galileo, and BeiDou. Contact Vantage Sierra Cascade today for additional information.

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